Water Treatment Solutions for Your Home

Whole Home & Point of Use Water Treatment Systems

Water softeners, filters, UV systems, and reverse osmosis systems to provide safe clean drinking water without the use of chemicals

Water cooler on wood floor stand.
Great water cooler rental promotion. Get a stylish wooden floor stand and up to a 18.9 liter porcelain crock.
Water cooler
Water coolers by KeriKool. Hot and cold water from 3 and 5 gallon bottles filled in store, or delivered to your door.
Backwashable water filters.
Backwashable water filters eliminate iron staining and sulphur odour and remove tannins and manganese. Filter down to 5 microns. Eliminates chlorine taste and smell.
Ultraviolet water disinfection system.
Ultraviolet (UV) system to sterilize your drinking water without chemicals. Inexpensive and low maintenance way to kill e-coli, cryptosporidium, giardia, and other harmful bacteria.
4 filter reverse osmosis system.
Reverse Osmosis Systems provide excellent quality water by removing chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, salt, lead, mercury, and pharmaceuticals. Multi-layer filtration results in great tasting water.
Water softeners.
Water softeners improve household water quality, make appliances more efficient and last longer. North American made Viqua water softeners remove hardness and unwanted minerals.